Wednesday, July 1, 2015

52 Week Illustration Challenge: My first two posts.

My first post on the facebook page 52 Week Illustration Challenge was from the prompt AFRICA. I wanted to show the patterns and rhythms of Africa. I wish I'd used bigger paper and stepped back from the subjects just a bit. It looks cramped here.

My second post was from the prompt: LAND. Here I chose to illustrate: "The land laid down beside the river and watched the clouds roll by." Changes? Perhaps used a more traditional patterns in the fields, but I was pleased with the colors in general.


  1. I adore your elephants and the story they tell, but I am entirely enraptured with your "Land" illustration. I first saw the beauty of your field patterns and then I was pleasantly surprised by the animals in the clouds! The curves of the hills are so lovely and interesting. I feel drawn into this world and desire to sit and explore it for a long while with my eyes, which is quite brilliant considering the quote it illustrates. I feel like I could lay in that place and become one with the land; watching the sky. It makes my soul happy. (:

  2. Thanks Hannah! I've gotten lots of complimentary comments on the "Land" image. I'm actually doing a few different challenges this month. Hope I can keep up. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?