Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Exploring Digital Media: "Red and the Wolf"

My September journey concentrated on learning more about digital media and exploring a theme. I chose "Red and the Wolf". Here are my good, bad and noble attempts.
Red and the Wolf #1: The wolf tugs on Red's hat.

Red and the Wolf #2: The wolf spots Red in the forest.
#3: Red in striped stockings and the wolf.

#4: The wolf gives Red directions.
#5: Red is skeptical of the wolf's advice.
#6: Red strolls by a textured wolf.
#7: Red in glasses.
#8: Red laughs at the wolf.
#9: Red scales the basket.
#10: Red trims shrubbery into a wolf.
#11: The wolf plays guitar.
#12: The wolf steals wine from Red's basket.
#13: Red prepares to scare the wolf.

#14: Red escapes the wolf.
#16: Red follows the wolf into the woods.
#17: Red and Wolf in the willows.
#18: Red makes a wolf out of snow.

#19: Red tames the wolf.

#20: Red tugs on wolf's fishing line.
#21: Red and wolf on a bike.

#22: Wolf interrupts Red's reading.

#24: Red skiing away from wolf.
#25: Red in a wolf hat.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hello Punkin'!

 Peter surprised me last September with a chalkboard space in our mud room. I like to doodle something for each season.

This odd ball scarecrow was the inspiration for my Fall image.

I don't plan ahead, just let it become as I draw.

I liked the character so much I recreated it with photoshop, below.

You just never know where inspiration will come from.