Saturday, December 23, 2017

Farewell 52 Week Illustration Challenge and Thank You.

I had a busy, productive year thanks to the facebook prompt page "52 Week Illustration Challenge", which unfortunately is ending this year. I really liked being responsible for at least doing one illustration a week. (Sometimes more.) I was challenged by topics I would not have chosen myself. I got to see other more talented illustrators execute the prompts.  I'm going to miss the challenge. Anyway, thought I'd offer a tribute to the challenge by posting my thumbnails of the year's journey.
(I'll be looking for another illustration challenge group....if you know of any please let me know!)
Have a super 2018!

Friday, December 15, 2017

November/December 2018

Ah, the holidays. Mega time used cooking, shopping, baking, decorating, etc. However I do have a new set of illustrations to share. I find it very relaxing to work in the evening, when nothing good is on TV.

The first few images were done as banners for my facebook pages.

 I experimented with a few dressed owls...

The next group were done to prompts from the facebook page, 52 Week illustration Challenge. Unfortunately, we got word today that the group will end in 2018, so I'll be looking for another Illustration group. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!
Prompt here was REPTILE: I chose to illustrate an alligator snapping turtle.

Prompt word: Pencil. Palm Leaf Pilgrims.

Pronpt word: AFRICA. I chose to illustrate a mother and child.

Prompt word: Window: First Snow

Prompt Word: CELEBRATE. Happy New Year.

Prompt Word: Shopping. Shopping for a Christmas Tree!

Night Skater.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Fall Images

Boy Reading: Digital
Most of the images in this post were done from "prompts" suggested by the 52 week illustration challenge on facebook. I can't believe I've almost finished another year. Working from prompts has kept me on task, even though there were times I would have rather spent time with something of my own choosing. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do a new challenge next year or stick with this one. Time will tell. At least it keeps me working & meeting deadlines.

Gater Dude: Digital

Strawberry Ice Cream Cone: Digital

Brownie's Home: digital

Flying Witch: Digital

Friends: Digital

Grandchildren: Ink

Unrest: Digital

Jump: Digital

Piasa Bird: Digital

Rope: Digital
Tribute to Henri Rousseau: digital

Spooky: Digital

Sunday, October 15, 2017

August, September, October 2017

In August, I worked on a SCBWI-IL writer's retreat, "Words in the Woods" held at East Bay Camp near Bloomington, IL. My responsibility was decor, design, bonfire, party and writing activities.

Designed the logo for Words in the Woods.

Most of the attendees posed on the steps for a photo.
Me, Alice and Anastasia posing at the Kid Lit Costume Party.

In September, I concentrated on making a pb dummy for Dani Duck's Dummy Challenge. Not every picturebook I write fits my style but this one did.
Character Sketches: Jackalope
One page of the dummy.
One finished illustration.

In October, I designed the booth for SCBWI-IL to promote author and illustrators latest books and school visits. We exhibited at IRC (Illinois Reading Council) and ISLMA (Illinois School Librarians and Media Association) conventions.
The display board features 2017 releases. (It was IRC's 50th anniversary so we gilltered it up!)

Sarah Aronson greeting her skype winners in girlgoyle style.

Ruth Spiro discusses her books with conference attendee.
SCBWI-IL's 2015-2017 books on display.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Piggies Part 1: Finished.

Most of the pigs I sketched in the previous post have reached a "final" stage.
Here in no particular order they are:

Pig Astair

Piggie's First Birthday

Grandpa Piggie Puts On His Socks.

Prankster Piggie At Work.

Piggie on a Swing 2
Piggie Peasant Collects Eggs
Cowboy Piggie

Piggie Can Can

Piggie Floats His Boat

Queen Piggie

Piggie Dances Flamenco