Monday, December 24, 2018

Enhancing colored pencil drawings with Photoshop.

Deer in the Woods (A) did not have the color contrast I was looking for. So I imported the image into Photoshop, and used a transparent dry media brush to enhance some of the colors, I sharpened the images which helped clarify the cardinal and owl, then darkened the sky for additional contrast.
Deer in the Woods (A)
Deer in the Woods (B)
Penguins in the igloo (A)
In "Penguins in the igloo" (A) the penguins are wrapping a gift, Some of the colored pencil marks were distracting from the center of interest. So, I imported the image into Photoshop enhanced some of the colors with a transparent dry media brush, sharpened edges, and made the box look empty, which in my opinion, adds a better story. the penguins are shocked that the box is empty.        

  In this example you can see my original drawing first. I wasn't happy with the choppy blue background, the penguin too close to the top of the page, and the lights didn't look lit. So I imported the image in Photoshop, used the dry media brush to smooth out the background without totally loosing the artist's marks. I reworked the top penguin to better fit the page and brightened the whole image up by adding glows to the lights and placing a few more decorations on the tree and lighter berries on the wreath.

Stringing the lights (b)

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Returning to a favorite media: Colored Pencil.

After the SCBWI-IL Downstate Illustration show in November, I was reminded how much I enjoy working with colored pencils. This December, I've decided to do a series of drawings with a holiday theme using colored pencils. As I finished, I scanned the images and then imported them to Photoshop to digitally edit and enhance. What follows are the ones I have so far.

First Snowglobe

Harder than it looks.

Chalkboard Drawing

My drawing on our home chalkboard (above) was the inspiration for the illustration (below).
Nativity Illustration inspired by chalkboard drawing.
Elves Sledding
Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree
Putting a Star on Top

Under the Tree

Gift from Santa
Heavy Load

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sketches from May/June

Dog chasing his tail.
 Back to work on my portfolio. I spruced up the lines on my sketches and hope to finish adding color in July. It's been a very busy year so far. I'm co-writing a book with a colleague about Illinois Rock Art and it seems to have put a dent in my typical illustration work. SINCE I'm planning to have a show of some of my illustration work in November, I'm eager to add new images. I like to choose an animal and do a series of sketches using it in a number of ways. With a few exceptions I focused on geese/ducks and penguins in May and June. Here are the sketches....Hope you enjoy seeing them.

Boy Fox

Girl Fox

Goose meets snail

Dancing goose

Goose sipping a drink

Goose driving

Goose jumping rope

Goose reading a story

Goose carrying a dog

Skating goose carrying an egg

Duck with ice cream cone

Goosey Gander

Penguin catches a snowflake

Turtle bites penguin's oar

Penguin's snow angel

Penguin learns to skate

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Catching UP with 2018

It's been awhile since I last posted, not because I didn't have anything new but because my projects were under wraps for awhile.

#1. I designed the Words in the Woods: Dive into Revision logo. I submitted the following five ideas.

The committee chose the last one, the dark haired mermaid with the polka dot tail.

Project #2. Is still a secret but I've been doing illustrations, layout and cover designs. I hope to share more about it at the end of the year which is our deadline. I'm excited to be working with another writer on this book.

Project #3. A few "Just-for-Fun" illustrations:
Blue Cow

Flying Elephant to the Rescue

Mama Gator

Flying Pig

Sea Horse

Native American Face
I am missing a prompt challenge. Still looking for the "right" fit. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Farewell 52 Week Illustration Challenge and Thank You.

I had a busy, productive year thanks to the facebook prompt page "52 Week Illustration Challenge", which unfortunately is ending this year. I really liked being responsible for at least doing one illustration a week. (Sometimes more.) I was challenged by topics I would not have chosen myself. I got to see other more talented illustrators execute the prompts.  I'm going to miss the challenge. Anyway, thought I'd offer a tribute to the challenge by posting my thumbnails of the year's journey.
(I'll be looking for another illustration challenge group....if you know of any please let me know!)
Have a super 2018!