Monday, December 5, 2016

Exploring Digital Collage

I've been exploring digital collage this month. My camera has had quite a workout photographing textures, patterns, hats and gloves. Here are a few of my experimental pieces:
Girl with a hat.

I drew a few quick faces, scanned them and dressed them with cropped photos of hats, fabric and buttons.

Latin Girl
Girl with red cloche hat.
Girl with red flowered hat. Hated the hands so I decided to "hire" my granddaughter, Phoebe to model some gloves. Two images below show Phoebe in the studio modeling and how I used the gloves below.
I had fun taking photos of patterned sweaters in local re-sale shops!                                                      Cut and pasted them into what I needed in photoshop.
Red haired girl
Laughing boy
Boy with a black hat
Frowning girl
Combining photos of gloves, drawn faces and digital drawing.
Combining three images into a banner.
Red Plaid Dancer: My favorite from the series.