Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jan. 6th: First Post on the "52 Week Illustration Challenge"

The prompt for this drawing was FANCY DRESS.
I just started drawing with a mechanical pencil and this is what I ended up with. Kind of Dr. Suess meets Eloise.

The 52 Week Illustration Challenge is an international facebook group. I submitted a few things last year but am going to try to do the entire year this year. (Along with Doodle Day, another facebook prompt giving site that gives a prompt a day.)

I was reminded how messy graphite drawing is. I had dust everywhere and couldn't effectively erase some areas because I drew too small. I'm considering returning to colored pencils for awhile. Maybe I'll switch back and forth with digital images. I want to keep learning the possibilities of using photoshop.

I really need a photoshop class. Anyone know of a good one?