Monday, November 30, 2015

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. November Doodles

1. NEW: new baby, digital
 Whew. I doodled 30 images this month. All came from prompts on the Facebook page, DOODLE DAY.  To give myself an added challenge, I chose to work digitally. (I'm teaching myself.) And to make it more fun I decided to use rabbits. Hope you enjoy seeing the results of my November work.

2. Celebration: Baby's first birthday

3. WARM: Warm bath, digital

4. HAPPY, digital

4. COLD, digital

5. ANGRY, digital

7. HUGE, digital

8. NERVOUS, digital

9. TINY, digital

10. WISH, digital

11. FIND, digital

12. JOY, digital

13. BELIEVE, digital

14. STAR, digital

15. GIVE, digital

16. ASK, digital

17. SHOW, digital

18. BIRTHDAY, digital

19. TALK, digital

20. PEEVED, digital

21. CALM, digital

22. HORRIFIED, digital

23. FURY, as in "THE FURY" digital

24. ANXIOUS, digital

25. Bright

26. GIFT


28. HIDE

29. LOSE


Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Doodles

Pattern in a Circle: Colored thin point markers

October was pattern month. When I started, I had no "theme" in mind but as the month progressed I got caught up in the spirit of Halloween and Fall.

Madame Butterfly: Markers
Autumn Leaves: Markers
Patterned Tree: White marker on dark paper.
Fall Wreath: Thin point black marker
Sugar and Smokey: Thin point black marker
Digitally Colored Drawing "Sugar and Smokey"

Scarecrow: Black Marker: thin & broad tipped

Bat: White pencil on black paper

Mummy: Broad and Thin tipped black marker

Digital Enhanced Mummy

Mummy:  I wanted to experiment with using just one pattern "woven gauze" and seeing if I could vary the way it looked by changing the direction, thickness, and density of the lines.
Witch Boots: Thin Point Marker
Witch Booths: digitally colored

Day of the Dead Trio: digitally colored

Day of the Dead Trio: Thin Point Marker

Halloween Night: Digital Image

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Exploring Digital Media: "Red and the Wolf"

My September journey concentrated on learning more about digital media and exploring a theme. I chose "Red and the Wolf". Here are my good, bad and noble attempts.
Red and the Wolf #1: The wolf tugs on Red's hat.

Red and the Wolf #2: The wolf spots Red in the forest.
#3: Red in striped stockings and the wolf.

#4: The wolf gives Red directions.
#5: Red is skeptical of the wolf's advice.
#6: Red strolls by a textured wolf.
#7: Red in glasses.
#8: Red laughs at the wolf.
#9: Red scales the basket.
#10: Red trims shrubbery into a wolf.
#11: The wolf plays guitar.
#12: The wolf steals wine from Red's basket.
#13: Red prepares to scare the wolf.

#14: Red escapes the wolf.
#16: Red follows the wolf into the woods.
#17: Red and Wolf in the willows.
#18: Red makes a wolf out of snow.

#19: Red tames the wolf.

#20: Red tugs on wolf's fishing line.
#21: Red and wolf on a bike.

#22: Wolf interrupts Red's reading.

#24: Red skiing away from wolf.
#25: Red in a wolf hat.