Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

I always start out the new year full steam ahead. This year is no exception. After un-decorating the house, dusting and cleaning, the new year lies ahead like a clean piece of paper. I've signed up for the new PiBoIdMo, now called #Storystorm, for my writing inspiration. I usually come out with at least four or five manuscripts worth working on. Having it in January seems ideal to me. Kudos to #TaraLazar and all the volunteers who make it happen. I'm very grateful.

Having finished one dummy this year, I'm eager to re-evaluate it for a few months and start sending it out. I discovered a great opportunity called Writing With The Stars that sounds perfect for me. Check it out here: http://beckytarabooks.com/contest/.

If I can manage to get my pdf dummy assembled by their Jan. 13/14 deadline, I plan to submit it and my manuscript for a chance to have a more experienced mentor look over it and offer advice.

On the illustration side, I hope to complete all 52 weeks of the 52 week illustration challenge, on facebook.  I didn't make very far last year. Hoping to do better in 2017.

I'm still working on photoshopped collages but itching to get to the studio to muck around with paint, oil pastels, pastels and printmaking. Hopefully I'll create some pieces to inspire me and add to my stash of collage bits to assemble in photoshop.

I holiday-ed most of December but did finish a couple of things. Used my collection of bottlebrush  and other evergreens to assemble this Winter Landscape, which is now my facebook banner for January.

Hope this finds you also full of new year plans that set your creative juices flowing.