Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 2015 Doodles

Fish Painting
 The theme this month on the facebook page, Doodle Day was animals with machines. (And a few artist's choice days.)

Here are my sharpie marker drawings, with comments.

Fish Painting: My perspective is waaay off on the bench and tableau, but I like the overall effect.

Love the over-sized Bear sewing. If I had it to do over I'd back up the base board. I drew it too close.

Bear Sewing

Bunny using a blender
Bunny using a blender: The bunnies were drawn the first of the month, I can see how 'stiff' the drawing is compared with the Pigs bouncing which came later in the month. [I entered the pigs in the SCBWI monthly contest illustrating "Bounce"] #scbwidrawthis
Pigs bouncing

Dog using a treadmill

Frog on a tractor
Dog on a treadmill. I liked the line variation here. The treadmill legs were an afterthought. It shows.

Frog on a Tractor. Frog, ugh. I should have looked at a frog. But I did like the contrast between the foreground and background achieved by varying the line thickness. Yes, I know the perspective on the tractor is off.

Giraffe on the plane is successful to me except for the top right line which is off. I should have tilted it more to the left. Perspective, Ugh.

Giraffe flying a plane

Goat making ice cream

Hamster on a tricycle

Kangaroo using a jackhammer

Cat Fishing

Miss Bird in her office using a computer

Sarge opening a can.

Sheep mowing
I'd like to say I used Asian perspective on the goat making ice cream, but it is what it is. Loved doing the goat hair. Is it called hair? or fur?

Hamster on a trike. Lesson here: Look at a trike, yikes. Love the hamster's fat little body.

Kangaroo using a jackhammer. OK.


Cat fishing. Once again an earlier in the month drawing. Stiff and tilted too much.

Fish typing

Elephant on a bike

Chickens on an assembly line: Making an Urban Chicken.

Miss Bird typing: Needed to look an an office. I was blank when it came to what to put in the drawing. Can you tell?

Sarge opening a can. Having fun with lines here. Kinda scarey dog.

Sheep mowing. I added color to the back of a velum sheet of paper on this drawing. Kristi Valiant suggested I try this. Need to do with paint. Hopefully next month.

Fish typing. Pleased with this one.

Elephant on a bike. Passes my inspection.

The chicken assembly line is ok. I couldn't get my two drawings for this to line up in the computer program I have. Not entirely pleased with the humans in this one.

That's it for my May doodles. Next month were are doing lettering. That should be interesting.


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    1. Thanks Valerie, The prompts this month were in my comfort zone!

  2. I love these! They made me smile!

  3. I love drawing funny animals. They're my favorite.