Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Coloring In my latest drawings

I've been drawing mainly Elephants for the daily Doodle Day posts. With broad black outlines. It was a cinch to color them in with photoshop. Here are my before and afters.

 Temper. I dropped color in using photoshop. Erased the background. Created the background in powerpoint, then added the colored elephant image. I think the values are all too similar. Might have been more effective if elephant had been something like a lighter red-violet. I'll have to try that.

Bear sewing was actually a drawing from a few months ago. The original was very detailed which made dropping color in tedious. Lesson learned, keep the patterns big if I plan to use photoshop to color them in.

I really like this drawing. Coloring it with photoshop was ok but I'm noticing the more you click to change colors, the more detail is absorbed and lost. 

Dazzle [left] and Discovery [below] were two of the most successful using drop in colors and not much else. I'm getting the message here that perhaps simpler is better for straight drop in colors.

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