Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Using photographs as backgrounds.

Here are a few of my experiments using photographs as backgrounds. I dropped color into the images, erased the background of the images, then superimposed them over altered photos in powerpoint. From powerpoint they were saved as jpg's.

TEARFUL. Above are the two images I merged to make the image below. Apparently there is a way to do layers in Photoshop, I just haven't learned how yet.

Here are a few other similar experiments using my photos and ones from the internet.

Not sure where the brown on the back of his pants come from. UGH.
 The gray background was appropriate for this image.
STARFISH BOY: I actually like this one best. The boy was a pretty sketchy image. I like the feel of him and the bright fresh colors.

GIVE: Below: Using our studio as a background. I wish I would not have added the foreground layer so soon. Live and learn.

And one more: IN THE AIR

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