Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 26-31: More Interaction Doodles

At the Movies

Down the Bunny Trail
 The final six interaction sketches.

At the Movies: Watching a scarey movie is easier with a box of popcorn for comfort.

Down the Bunny Trail: The Bunny Band brings Easter sunrise to light by waking up all the creatures in the woodland with a joyous parade.

Windy Day: Yes, we've been having horrific winds this month. Almost every day. This is how I felt bringing home my groceries yesterday.

In Car Seats: It's been awhile since I used car seats but thought it would be fun to draw triplets each with a unique expression. I channeled the classic, See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil in this sketch.

Rockin' with Granny on the Porch: The one day of warmer weather reminded me how much I love to rock with my grandchildren in tow on my porch rocker.

In a car seat "See no, speak no, hear no evil"

Rockin' with Granny on the porch

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