Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 21-27: Vampire Bat-Boy Character Study

Composite: Vampire Bat-boy
Another week of Doodle Day (a facebook group) doodles.  We're still working on characters. I chose a four year old boy with a baby sister. He combines a pair of fake vampire teeth and his bat-cape and becomes "VAMPIRE BAT-BOY".  Here is from top to bottom: Brian dons his vampire teeth and bat cape to become Vampire Bat-boy, Vampire Bat-boy hides, Vampire Bat-boy roars, Vampire Bat-boy leaps over tall buildings, Vampire Bat-boy frightens an evil invader, Vampire Bat-boy is sorry he scared his baby sister. Would love to do a whole book of this character....humm, now that's a good idea.

As I was drawing my character, I was reminded of the great Maurice Sendak's Max, so full of mischief and imagination.

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