Saturday, April 7, 2012

Introducing "ARTillus"

The best laid plans of mice and men….gobbled up by my new addiction to PINTEREST.  Yes, I know the bad stuff BUT it’s the double whammy for me: an unending plethora of visual images and my prehistoric hunting/gathering nature kicking in big time.  Who doesn't need fifty-one pin boards ranging from cupcakes to Lincoln?  I have been inspired. I now know how to revive sharpie markers, make flowers out of marshmallows AND I have at least a year’s worth of u-tube videos to watch.  The biggest plus is I finally have a shadowy idea of what I hope will be the direction of this blog! (whoo, whoo)  I’m bringing together three of my favorite things: children’s books, art education and expanding my illustration muscles by trying new things. I’m calling it “ARTillus”….combining my love of art, art education and children's illustration.  I plan to post a beautiful/inspiring children’s picture book, an art activity for children based on the media, theme, or style of the book and an illustration of my own in a similar vein.  I hope you are as inspired, as much as I am, by children's picture books.

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  1. Hi, Louann,

    Thanks for letting us now about your blog. I really enjoyed the newest post and had fun checking back over previous ones, too. Your ARTillus is a wonderful concept that should open all sorts of doors to surprising new ideas for you and others.

    Just yesterday, my husband and I went to a gallery in Dixon, IL called The Next Picture Show. It's been in existence for eight years but I hadn't heard of it even though we live only about 45 minutes from Dixon. In addition to the art exhibition on display for area adult artists, there as a section devoted to the work of students from Byron schools, and their teacher had used various books for kids to inspire the kids' creations. This is similar to your ARTillus.

    The Next Picture Show has themed exhibitions and is open most days. There's a great book store (Books on First) half a block away where you can get coffee, etc.

    Thanks, Louann, for this cool blog! I also love your sketches around the edges!

    Sheila Welch