Saturday, April 7, 2012

ARTillus 1: When is a box not a box?

When it is transformed by your imagination!  The first book, I've chosen to explore is Not a Box by Antonette Portis.  With simple line drawings, a clever rabbit show us that a simple box can become anything.


While researching the possibilities using cardboard boxes, I discovered a wonderful website: “BOXDOODLE”.  http://www.neu-e.de/ Included on the site are numerous samples of transformed boxes.  A really exciting feature is “The Doodle Tool” where you can transform a virtual box using digital painting tools. 

I chose to explore the box doodle idea using traditional media: acrylic paint and markers. The wonderful part of this project for art classes is re-purposing cardboard boxes we usually throw away. 
Saving money + 
Helping the environment + 
igniting our student’s imagination = 

The illustration I created was based on my box transformation. I used Derwent watercolor pencils and sharpie thin point markers.  This style is a radical change from what I usually do but I loved the freedom of stepping “outside of the box”.


  1. This is lovely, Louann. So colorful and interesting. A great idea and I'm following!

  2. This is so cool, Louann. It's a great way to use your blog. I love the ideas and links and other teachers and parents will too.