Monday, September 1, 2014

Insects U-Z

U: Underwing Moth
I enjoyed sketching this powdery moth with it's feathery wings.

V: Viceroy Butterfly
Two dollars worth of black pencil went into this image. [Boy was I tired of black!]
W: Web Spinner
Every few drawings, seems like I have to break out of the "scientific-realistic" mode and give myself something playful to work on. The web spinner as an Ancient Egyptian with a pyramid-like web.

X: Xerces Butterfly
Once native to North America, now extinct. What a loss...how lovely it was.

Y: Yellowjacket
Yikes! Gave me shivers the whole time I was drawing it. Creepy insect.

Z: Zebra Butterfly
Have to say as much as I don't like insects, it was a good month to push my media boundaries. I learned a lot.

THANK YOU DOODLE DAY for the nudge!
[Doodle Day is an online facebook group for folks who like to draw.]

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