Monday, September 1, 2014

Insects P-T

P: Pea Weevil
Although this has a nice reference to aboriginal art, I wasn't happy with the end product. The background was too much for colored pencils.
Q: Question Mark Butterfly
Ah....my favorite fall colors. Was satisfied with this image.
R: Rhinoceros Beetle

Loved this drawing. The rhinoceros beetle is a real challenge. I nailed it...if I do say so myself!
S: Stink Bug
This needs explaining. The stink bug has a dry looking gray back. When I was studying it to draw, all I could think of was Boris Karloff in the Mummy, with his dry peeling crusty skin....so I incorporated his image on the back of the bug.

T: Thrip
I challenge you to say that three times quickly. I couldn't say it once without a cartoon image popping in my mind, so here's the outcome.

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