Saturday, August 30, 2014

Insects F-J

F: Black Fly
I imagined Black Fly as a pesty Harley gang member buzzing round my ear, invading my space.

G: BlueGrass Hopper
A very "country" kind of character. Traveling the dusty back roads making up songs and performing at country fairs.

H: Horntail Wasp
EEK! creepy insect.

I: IRIS BORER This feathery moth works well in colored pencil. I'm uncertain about the textured background, it kinda grows on you after a while, what do you think?

J: June bug I imagined a June bug on it's back, wiggling it's creepy little legs. That reminded me of the Olympic event, the luge. Why? Guess the position. I gave it a try. Not my favorite doodle.

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