Saturday, August 30, 2014

A TO Z Insects: A through E

I've been busy this month drawing, not posting, so I'm making an attempt to catch up these last few days of August. Once again the drawings were prompted by the facebook group, Doodle Day.

Insects are not my favorite genre. I rarely draw them. In the spirit of "Live-and-Learn", I dove in. Here are my first few examples: A-E

A: Asparagus Beetles. I chose them for their patterns and couldn't resist breaking up the background to add some greens. I don't like the texture of my background...too sketchy.
B: Lady BUG
I actually like my sketch better than the finished piece. Seems to have more "life".
C: for Carpenter Ant. this was fun. The texture of the penciled background is distracting. Recreating the illustration in paint would be an option.

D: Diamond Back Moth. This works. I don't find the pencil distracting. It actually adds to the texture.
E: Emerald Ash Beetle: Once again, the texture worked well with colored pencil qualities. The wings were a little streaky but I like the dotted body and upper wing casing...actually looks like my reference photo.

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