Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 17: Animals with a Twist: Giraffe eating spaghetti, Storytelling illustrations: Giraffe and Pig in the Rain

A recent critique of my illustration portfolio revealed that I needed to work on more illustrations that are "storytelling". A colleague of mine also a member of SCBWI-Illinois, also received the same comment, so we've challenged ourselves to work on that aspect by posting a few drawings a week on the Downstate Illustration Facebook Page.

[I used Giraffe Eating Spaghetti as an Animal with a Twist for the month's 'Animal with a Twist" prompt also.] 

"Pig in the Rain" is the first post I did with a storytelling slant. I hate the black line and will work on getting rid of it as I go along. There were actually more raindrops in the pig illustration but my scanner hates light blue and will not pick up on that color. 

The giraffe illustration got cut off in the scanner, the plate of spaghetti is complete in the original. I wish I'd shaded the hands. If I choose to paint these I will make necessary corrections.

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