Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 16: Animals with a Twist: Aligator: Grandma Gator tells the best stories. [Plus 'storytelling' Illustrations]

Grandma Gator Tells the Best Stories

White and black prismacolor pencil on black paper. Prompt from Doodle Day drawing group on facebook.

I think the merge of 'gator and grandma works better in this combination than the previous drawing of an elephant.

I've also accepted a challenge from one of my fellow SCBWI-Illinois illustrators to work on our 'storytelling' illustrations. Both of us had received the same critique of our work, too static. Needs more of a 'storytelling' aspect. So here are my first two attempts. My style seems to be evolving.

Pig in the Rain. Colored pencil and marker on white cardstock. Not happy with this rendering, too stiff. Will work to improve...

 Princess chasing fireflies. I like this one better but I chickened out. Was going to add a forest in the background and gave up. I like the action better but her back hand is a little misplaced. Trunk was in the way. Colored pencils on black cardstock.

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