Friday, June 17, 2016

May/June '16: Illustrated Anteaters

Anteater at Night: Digital
It's all about anteaters in May and June. Some were drawn directly on computer using Photoshop, others were done in ink, then imported to add color. Hope you enjoy seeing them.
Anteater Ballerinas

Baseball Anteater

Anteater Fishing

Anteater Hammock

Anteater jumping rope

Anteater Reading

Anteater Sledding

Anteater eating an ice cream cone

Anteater Wedding Couple

Anteater in red boots

Anteater on the beach

Anteater at night

Anteaters Dancing

Anteater on the diving board

Green Anteater

Anteaters Kissing

Anteater Red Riding Hood

Anteater with a broken leg

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