Saturday, February 13, 2016

Exploring digital illustration. Discovering as I go...

I used powerpoint to create the background then superimposed the characters that I had colored in photoshop on top.
Once again, I used powerpoint to make the background, 
then imported the background into photoshop to 
add the "painting" then added the main characters 
(previously colored in photoshop to the finished background). 

I drew the branches and leaves in photoshop, imported the image into powerpoint to add the gradient background, then imported a jpg of the main characters, previously colored in photoshop to the background. I know there must be an easier way, if you know how, message me!

Tea time. (Pretty much the same process as detailed above.)

 Owl at night. The moonlit image was done almost entirely in photoshop. I can't get a handle on layers. When I import one image on top of another, I can't seem to control the size...ugh. So once again, I created the background, this time in photoshop, then imported it, then the foreground into powerpoint, where I could tweak the size of the image.

 I stole a leaf from Owl at night and built an owl nest for image #2. I was able to vary the colors of the leaves in powerpoint. Fun. Can't wait to do more...

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