Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Gator Series, a tribute to a special father and son.

Golfin' Gators
Beach Fire

 My nephew, Andy, and his young son, Liam, were the inspiration for this series of illustrations of a lively little gator boy and his good-natured Dad.

Thinking of you Andy as you build a lifetime of memories with your son.

Beach Fire. Imported the fun-loving Gator Dad and son onto a California beach scene.

The Skaters
The Skaters ended up to be my favorite image of this series. 
Loved the graphic effect of the computer generated background. 

Teeter totter
 Remember teeter tottering?
The part that always brought giggles to my girls
 was to bounce them while they were on top.
I like the busy background but not sure it "reads"
as well as it would if the gator son were totally in the air.
Perhaps I should revise.

The Sled Ride
Whizzing down a snowy slope, little gator is excited, Dad not so much. 
I enjoyed using transparent layers on this image for stars and snow.


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  2. Sorry, Louann. I deleted my first comment because I spelled your name wrong! I wanted to rewrite it. Here's what I want to say: Your illustrations are so cute and appealing. Children and parents would love them.