Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 11-24: Playing Catch Up with Doodle Day Drawings

The drawing prompts this month 
from my facebook group,
Doodle Day are all nature based. 
Playing catch up with this post, had internet issues.
Here were these prompts and what I drew:
May 11 Cave
May 12 Dogwood
May 13 Cliff
May 14 Rocks
May 15 Forest
May 16th Desert
May 17th Daisy
May 18th (I chose a girl) Iris
May 19th Eucalyptus trees
May 20th Apple tree
May  21st Weeping willow
May 22nd Peach tree
May 23rd Rosemary
and May 24th Lemon, whew. 
I was pretty intimidated by some of the posts. 
I think a few of my colored pencil drawings 
might have been more effective in paint. 
I surprised myself with others, 
Who knew drawing a rock pile 
could be such fun?
Guess it doesn't matter what you draw,
as long as you keep at it. 
  AND keep challenging yourself!

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