Thursday, August 22, 2013

Glue, Chalk and Construction Paper Crayons on Dark Paper

If you follow pinterest, you might have seen some nice chalk and glue images done by school children. I vaguely remember experimenting with the process when I taught art in the elementary school but never presented a lesson where we used the technique. So in my search for new media, I tried some variations on the theme. What I learned in the process is that pastels are dusty and spraying them with fixative sometimes changes their appearance. It is next to impossible to get the chalk off the glue lines without disturbing the color next to the line.  I love the way color holds up on dark paper with construction paper crayons, so I used them in the next images even melting them (used in my favorite experiment the monkey farmer). Layering construction paper crayons expanded their limited color range but the dark paper makes every image look like evening or dusk.  Here are my results.
Elephants Glue and Pastels

Glue with Crayon Encaustic

Glue with Construction Paper Crayons

Glue with Construction Paper Crayon

Glue with Construction Paper Crayons

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