Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Sweet Squares 1-4

Thin point sharpie and Watercolor #1
Thin point sharpie and blended watercolor marker #2.

Sharpie/watercolor pencil: folk art inspired #3

Thin point sharpie markers a la Zentangle. #4

OK, I'm a few days short of hopping on the bandwagon, but here are my first attempts doing a month of 3" x 3" media experiments inspired by the "Month of Experiments" sponsored by Diandra Mae's blog. Check it out here: http://diandramae.blogspot.com  Diandra attend Melissa Sweet's amazing session for Illustrators at the SCBWI Conference in LA. (Aug 2012). I was there too!
In case you don't know Melissa's work, her latest book, Balloons Over Broadway (http://www.amazon.com/Balloons-over-Broadway-Puppeteer-Education/dp/0547199457
won the Golden Kite Award this year for Illustration. It is an amazing book, full of media surprises.  Melissa encouraged us to EXPERIMENT and be more playful with media.  So that's what we're doing. BTW: Do you know how small 3" x 3" is?